Next-Level Supplementation Protocols

A line of expertly crafted, science-based, all-in-one vitamins, minerals and probiotics for extraordinary people.  Fewer steps, fewer ingredients, zero hassle – because maximising your health should be simple.



Which Protocol?

Select the right protocol for you (Essential, Brain, Beauty or Balance), with the help of our honest, science and research based advice.


Perfectly Balanced Daily Packs

After subscribing, you'll receive a fresh supply of vitamins, minerals and probiotics, delivered in handy daily packs, every month.



The daily packs are delivered in a smart recyclable box that fits through your mailbox. So you don't have to be home on delivery and you'll never run out.


You're In Control

Your vitamins, your way: Skip a month, switch protocols, or put them on hold. Only get them when you want them, never when you don’t.


Pure. Science. Research.

Supplements are health-assistants that aid in avoiding nutritional deficiencies, making it easier for your body to battle the impact of environmental pollution, stress, low energy levels, digestive issues, and many other conditions.

A healthy and balanced diet goes above all, but with many of our fruits and vegetables grown in nutrient-depleted soils, it's more and more difficult to get all the necessary nutrition from just what we eat (1). Our meals often feature genetically modified foods which have been sprayed with pesticides, processed, packaged and have travelled for hundreds of miles. By the time it hits our plate, much of the nutritional value has been lost.

That's why taking supplements, on a regular base, will help delivering targeted nutrients at therapeutic levels that are often impractical or difficult to get from our diets. Protective, health-supporting nutrients are essential for everyone (2).

Daily Pack
Balance Still Life

All-in-One Solutions

So where do you start? Vitamin aisles can be overwhelming. What's actually in them? How much should I take? Some of these are empty, and some are too powerful?

We're making it simple: Based on the Nutritional Reference Values (or NRVs), set by the Scientific Committee of Food for the European Community, our science-based supplement protocols are covering all the basics and more. Crafted from meticulously sourced ingredients. Manufactured in the UK. Automatically delivered to your door, so you'll never run out.


Expertly Crafted Quality Ingredients


All of our supplements are made with the highest quality ingredients, are completely gluten- and GMO-free and were made in UK based top-notch GMP-certified  facilities according to strict GMP standards.

They are free from lactose, dairy, yeast, salt, soy, wheat and maize. And we predominantly use vegan capsulation and avoid bulkers and fillers.

For maximum benefits, all of our protocols are designed with superior bioavailability in mind, making them readily digestible and absorbable.


Real People, Real Results, Verified Reviews


Healthy You, Healthy Wallet


Save 25% without effort by switching to Upplement from comparable supplements at your local health food store.

Comparing prices isn't easy; different bottle sizes, dosages, shipping, calculating your monthly cost is hard. Luckily we did the math for you. 

You buy directly from us, so you won't be paying for our shop rent and retail markups, and that reflects in our pricing.

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Packaging Philosophy

We’ve adopted a new eco-packaging concept for our supplements to reduce its environmental impact.

  • 100% recyclable outer cardboard box

  • Compostable inner (reusable/resealable) sleeve

  • Silver daily packs with a much smaller footprint compared to traditional chunky plastic supplement pots with lids, glass jars, blister packaging, stickers,...

  • Lightweight, low-volume design to reduce vehicle emissions during transport (and to make them fit through your letterbox!)

  • No unnecessary printed inserts or advertisements

Inspired by big-city warehouse apartments: utility on the outside, luxury on the inside.

Founded with a Cause


Non-profit organisation Vitamin Angels helps at-risk populations in need – specifically pregnant women, new mothers, and children under five – gain access to life saving and life changing vitamins and minerals. Helping children attain good health and the opportunity to lead meaningful and productive lives.


One-for-One Donation Match

Upplement has partnered with Vitamin Angels so that for each and every Protocol we sell, a child in need will receive life changing vitamins for an entire year.

© Vitamin Angels / Matt Dayka

© Vitamin Angels / Matt Dayka

Malnutrition is the #1 cause of preventable child deaths, but you have the power to save a child’s life.
— Vitamin Angels