8 Lazy Girl Hacks

Lifting your butt off the bed is challenging enough, let alone lifting any weights. Most of us are programmed to come up with a plethora of excuses to take a day off healthy eating and exercising. Hear us out – stop cheating yourself and follow our top workout and eating hacks designed especially for the average lazy girl.

1. Eat right, workout less

This is the most basic formula for those aiming to lose weight with minimal effort. However, we aren’t suggesting that you skip working out completely. Instead, try cutting down on the empty calories such as sugary foods, beverages and junk food and opt for lean protein, healthy fat sources such as avocado and coconut oil and all the green veggies you want. This will help reduce your calorie intake massively and reduce your need to spend hours on the treadmill, making even a 30 minute gym sesh sufficient. Psst. We recommend HIIT if you want to cut it even shorter!

2. Keep it short with HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training involves short bursts of intense and vigorous exercises that provide the same results as a 30 to 60 minute workout. Push yourself to the limit with this one to cut your gym time by half!

3. Stock up on frozen fruit and vegetables

Trying to recall what produce you need is a chore. Therefore, do a weekend shop for a week’s worth of fruits and veggies and freeze them in portions. This will not only prevent your produce from going bad at the back of your fridge but will also make them easily available when you’re making a smoothie, stir fry or soup.

4. Drink more water

Although this tip isn’t news, most of us tend to drink less than the recommended daily amount for adults. Drinking more water helps amp your metabolism and fat burn, while keeping you fully hydrated. Hydration is important to boost work and exercise performance, and it keeps your mood lifted, and skin glowing! To top it all off, it also helps you eat less.

5. Make TV more useful

If you love your tube time, try performing some movements that you can do while watching TV. Some great ideas include walking or running on the treadmill, jumping jacks during commercials, triceps dips, seated scissor kicks, sit ups, squats and even some bicep curls.

6. Get a friend involved

We all have one friend that’s either a gym maniaz or an aspiring health enthusiast. Either way, working out with a friend and holding each other accountable in terms of your health and fitness is a great way to keep things moving. It makes room for some healthy competition (because there’s no way you want to be the first to give up!) and it’s difficult to skip a workout when someone else is waiting for you.

7. Sleep well

People who don’t get at least six hours of shut eye produce higher levels of stress hormone, cortisol which stunts your productivity and energy levels and increases stubborn fat.

8. Get your supps on

Taking the necessary vitamins every day is a great way to amp your nutrient intake while you progress towards a healthier diet. It ensures that the nutrients that you’ve missed out on or haven’t taken enough of for the day are in check. Try out Upplement's handy personalised daily vitamin packs if you’re new to supplements and build up your supplement regime from there.

JournalJoey Ceunen