1. Take care of yourself.

  2. Take on the world.


Looking after yourself is a balancing act with many factors. Let us help you find that balance by making supplements simple. We live in a diverse community where each individual has unique needs, but there are some things we all need; we want to make sure you are meeting your vitamin, nutrient, probiotic and mineral needs conveniently, so that you can look after the rest.

Upplement isn’t about finding that new super food that will magically change your whole life, it’s about building things into your life that will help you to reach your full potential, without adding to your list of worries. When I became a certified advanced dietary supplement advisor and nutritional therapist I fast became shocked at what some companies get away with, the ingredients they use and their origin. Aiming to be as clear and simple as possible, we combined EU guidelines with scientific research, cutting through the marketing hot air. We stripped everything that's not necessary to get to the core, together with GPs and dieticians.

Our health-defining Protocols are a quick and easy framework giving you exactly what you need, each day. Every month, a box full of ready-to-go daily packets will magically appear in your letterbox. Just grab a daily pack on the way out of the door, pop them in your bag or just keep in your desk drawer at work. Supplements, simplified.

We simplify supplements through our scientific research, not profiting from passing fads. Our mission is to make sure you, your mind and your body are getting the supplements they need on a daily basis, allowing you to take care of the rest and take on anything.


My adventure started when I had to have an operation that would severely impact my intake of food for a while. I was reading about the potential side effects of possible nutritional deficiencies I would face, such as nausea, colds, mood swings and hair loss, and I wanted to find the best way to defend myself against this and make sure I was getting the building blocks my body and brain needed.

I did what everybody does and turned to the internet, but it was a maze of contradictory information, fast fads and ‘miracle cures’. I was spiralled into my research and came out of it feeling none the wiser and dizzy. I just wanted someone to tell me 'This is what you need to take to cover the bases'. I had a stressful and all consuming job I didn’t have the time, or the patience, to sort it all out and ended up having to pay a lot of money to see a specialist who told me exactly what I needed.

Armed with my list of ‘essential nutrients’ I headed over to my local health store. There I was faced with another huge problem – there are dozens of different versions of each supplement, varying in efficacy and quality. I ended up laden with sachets and tablets and chewables and everything in between, once again not really knowing where to begin or what to do.

I began to manually prepare my daily mix. I had to double up some pills and chopped others in half to meet my daily requirements. After 2 weeks, one of the pots ran out, followed by me feeling waves of nausea because of the way the supplements were reacting with one another in my system, then another pot ran out and I head back to the shop all over again. It was a logistical nightmare with unpleasant side effects. After 3 weeks I gave up - surely there is an easier solution to this. The idea for Upplement was born.

Joey - Founder

Holding Essential Box
When a plant’s leaves are turning brown you don’t paint the leaves green. You look at the cause of the problem. If only we treated our bodies the same way.
— Dr Frank Lipman